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If you spend a lot of time outside in cold weather, you probably have a big, warm winter coat!
ZoomGroom is a natural rubber dog brush that helps promote healthy skin and coat. Flexible rubber fingers gently collect loose hair like a magnet on wet or dry coats.
A quality, durable toenail trimmer for trimming nails in a professional manner. Recommended for large dogs. Heavy duty construction, stronger blade for positive action every time. Sharp Microhoned blade edge, blade ejector. Long lasting, hardened steel linkage. All metal, no grips. Guillotine style.
Shop K9Excel for a wide selection of dog foods including premium, natural, and advanced nutrition foods that have only the best ingredients for the well-being of your pet. In store only. 

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Great deal, free with any purchase of $ 14.00 or more of pet food at K9Excel: a tied rawhide bone 6" and bandanas to choose from. In store only.
Styptic Powder
Styptic Powder
Nylon Leads
Flat Nylon Leads
$5.95 - $8.75
$5.06 - $7.44
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel
$9.99 - $14.99
$8.49 - $12.74
Agility Recordkeeping
Agility Recordkeeping
Braided Leather Tab
Braided Leather Tab

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Pet Hair Accessories Great selection of dog bows and cool hair accessories that will suit your pet's style and fashion. Pet Jewelry Glam it up with Fashion Pet Jewelry and Accessories! Offer your stylish pet his or her dream pearl or crystal rhinestone jewelry. Winter Coats Protect your favorite pet from the bad weather and the cold with our dog winter coats. They will not only keep them warm, but dry as well. Raincoats Protect your favorite pet from the elements with our nice raincoats. It will protect them from the wind and keep them dry.

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K9Excel Dog Supply is located in Quebec, Canada, but we sell all around North America (Canada and USA) and Europe.

K9Excel Dog Supplies is the online Resource for dog supply in Canada, United States and Europe.

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Daily Dog Photo
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