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Dog groomers will use slicker brushes to remove fur mats and tangles from all coat types. Slicker brushes remove dead hairs - both undercoat hairs and the coarser hairs from the outer portion of the dog's coat. Dog groomers will use a slicker brush after using a pin brush and/or undercoat rake to remove a significant portion of the dead undercoat. Slicker brushes are often used as a finishing brush, as the fine wire bristles distribute the natural oils throughout the dog's coat, creating a shiny, smooth finish.

For dogs with a very short, smooth coat, like a Boxer, Amercan Staffordshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua (short haired), owners can usually get away with using only a slicker brush or bristle brush for that daily or every-other-day dog brushing.

Slicker - Small D60-M332 Small
Size: Small (Brush: 3.5" X 1.75", handle: 3.5") (9 cm X 4.5 cm, handle: 9 cm)
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Slicker - Medium D60-M331 Medium
Size: Medium (Brush: 4.5" X 2", handle: 3.5") (11.5 cm X 5 cm, handle: 9 cm)
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Slicker - Large D60-M330 Large
Size: Large (Brush: 4.75" X 3", handle: 5") (12 cm X 7.5 cm, handle: 12.5 cm)
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