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Nylabone Double Action Chew

Nylabone Double Action Chew

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Nylabone Double-Action Chew is quite famous for the outstanding dog treats that it has been providing to dog owners all over the world for so many years. Not only do they help in maintaining fine dental health, but also help in maintaining the overall health of dogs. These bones are found not only to satisfy the chewing desires of dogs, but also help in keeping their breath fresh, and maintain healthy gums and teeth. The product is seen to have a mint center that helps in keeping the breath fresh, and have additional dental nubs that help in chewing.

Nylabone Regular Double Action Chew D26-M99 Regular 5" (13cms)
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Nylabone Wolf Double Action Chew D26-M100 Wolf 7" (18cms)
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Nylabone Souper Double Action Chew D26-M101 Souper 9" (23cms)
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