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Munchy Stick

Munchy Stick

Munchy Stick is a name you can trust when it comes to making the perfect dog treats for just about any dog’s needs. For a great chewy dog treat that will also help keep your dog’s teeth looking healthy and being strong, get your best friend these Munchy Stick online right now while at the same time saving yourself a bit of money. Your dog will thank you and you won’t even have to push his foul breath away from your face.

Munchy Stick 5" 9-10mm Pack 100 D15-M59 (Munchy Stick) 5" 9-10mm Pack 100
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Munchy Stick 5" 15mm Pack 50 D15-M60 (Munchy Cigar) 5" 15mm Pack 50
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Munchy Stick 10" 20mm Pack 20 D15-M61 (Munchy Cigar) 10" 20mm Pack 20
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Munchy Flat Strip 5" Pack 100 D15-M62 Munchy Flat Strip 5" Pack 100
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