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Carpet deodorizing powder Canadian Odor Control

Carpet deodorizing powder COC
Neutralizes strong odours, eliminates a variety of strong offensive odours, such as those produced by musty carpet, pets, food and cooking, cigar and cigarette smoking, garbage and refuse, urine and fecal matter, vomit, and sewage backup. Multi-purpose,not only ideal for use on carpet, but also excellent for deodorizing ashtrays, sand urns, garbage and waste containers, and rag and refuse bins. Automatically counteracts stale, musty vacuum cleaner odours. Non-abrasive, special crystalline base will not cut or abrade carpet fibers. Aids soil removal, reduces the static adhesion of dirt particles to carpet fibers. Improves vacuum efficiency. Long lasting, one application lasts for days in most uses. No heavy fragrance, leaves carpets, room air, and treated areas with a light fresh, pleasant fragrance. Actually neutralizes odours rather than covering them up.
Easy-to-use: Simply sprinkle liber2ally onto carpet or source of odour. Vacuums up completely and leaves no visible

Industrial Strenght, use sparingly. Carpet: 1/4 -1/2 per 100 sq. Ft.
Net 900 grams (32 oz.)
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