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Jaws Scoop
Jaws Scoop
Cleaning up after your dog is faster and easier with the Jaws Scoop. Designed for easy, one-handed pick-ups on all surfaces. Powerful spring action ensures the jaws stay closed until you're ready to empty it. Long handle (26") eliminates unnecessary bending. Rugged, polypropylene construction stands up to the elements and rinses clean with the hose.
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Nylabone Durable Original Flavor
Nylabone Durable Original Flavor
Flavor enhanced dog chews in the shape of a bone, made specifically for powerful chewers, these chews are made of durable nylon.
$3.90 - $14.55
$3.32 - $12.37
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East Side Collection Madras Plaid Visors
Sun visors for dogs
The East Side Collection Madras Plaid Visors is casual wear for your beloved pet friend. This colorful dog visor wraps around your dog's head and provides him with a hip and stylish look for the day. This pet visor offers lots of character and personality for any dog. A great idea for a sunny walk in the park with your dog!
$6.99 - $8.49
$5.94 - $7.22
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Rawhide Natural Pressed Bones
Rawhide Natural Pressed Bones
The rawhide Natural pressed bone is an excellent treat that promotes dental health for the pet. These pressed bones satisfy the dog’s natural instinct to gnaw and chomp while promoting healthy teeth and gums.
$0.75 - $32.40
$0.64 - $27.54
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Pet Saver Life Jacket
Pet Saver Life Jacket
For boating, water sports and other outdoor activities, the Pet Saver Life Jacket provides flotation and maximum buoyancy. Its bright orange color lets you spot your dog easily, while the design allows fast size adjustment and a flexible, comfortable fit.
$24.93 - $48.68
$21.19 - $41.38
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Munchy Stick
Munchy Stick
The Munchy Stick is produced from bovine rawhide. It is edible, digestible and water soluble to help prevent obstruction of the esophagus and intestines. Furthermore, it can help to keep the dog's teeth clean and health. Our products come in many different sizes to cater for the puppy and adult dogs.
$11.00 - $26.00
$9.35 - $22.10
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This small tool is very useful for your dog training. On one click, your dog will instantly know that it did something good and that it will get a reward. The sound of the clicker is unique in your dog environment and it is very precise, which is not the case with vocal commands. You can wear the clicker at the wrist.
$2.99 - $3.45
$2.54 - $2.93
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Baseball Caps for dog
Baseball Caps for dog
When it comes to the latest styles in dog hats, K9Excel have them like this Baseball dog cap. Your dog will definitely be the center of attraction at any dog park. Your dog will be the Star.
$6.99 - $8.99
$5.94 - $7.64
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Yappily Ever After Groom Tuxedos
Yappily Ever After Groom Tuxedos for dog
Now all the dog groom needs is a dog bride! This sharp-looking Dog Groom Tuxedo is a perfect look for the man of the hour! Great for weddings, black tie events, and even as a Halloween dog costume. This groom tuxedo for dogs makes it easy to include pets in the wedding day fun.
$23.95 - $31.95
$20.36 - $27.16
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