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Our Retail Price List in PDF format

To view our catalog online you must have the *Adobe Reader Plug-In installed in your viewer. With this option, the catalog will open in your current browser window. You will have the option to view, print or save the catalog file for later viewing.

If you do not have the *Adobe Reader Plug-In installed but have the program installed on your computer, you can save the file to disk and open it with your installed program.

Most often, people use Adobe's (Acrobat) Reader, obtained from http://www.adobe.com/
To view or download our current Retail Products Price List, click your mouse on the catalog icon on the left now! Either click on the link to have the document open, or right-click and select Save Target As in order to save the file for later printing/review.

Occasionally, special symbols do not print, or do not print correctly, from a .pdf file. This can almost always be corrected by printing as a graphic image instead of printing as text. In Adobe's Reader, "Print as Image" should be selected in the Print dialogue. In Foxit Reader, under the Edit menu, go to Preferences, then choose General. Select "Print texts as graphics (ignore font substitution)."