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Today we will discuss on everything you need to know about Malzahar Questions and Answers in a simple and easy to follow way.

Did you ever wondered what’s the best way to beat Malzahar or win with him?

My articles are comprehensive and very specific with information that lasts across versions of the game. My goal is to help you climb in League of Legends and win more games.

More specifically we will discuss all the common questions, misconceptions and strengths/weaknesses of Malzahar as a champion.

I have been playing League of Legends Summoners rift since season 7. During that time I have played all roles of the game with particular focus mid and top. I have been able to easily reach high gold elo since the beginning of playing the game and have peaked to Platinum in several seasons. I have played in NA, EUW and EUNE servers. My main account is in EUW. I’m a Malzahar main that peaked at top 300 Malzahar world so I know the champion fairly well.

The idea behind playing Malzahar is that you are basically a support mage that can also have a lot of utility on his kit to shut down the enemy carries and deal damage from the backline.

You can find more information on Malzahar and his abilities here or one of the many articles I’ve written about him on my blog here.

Is Malzahar a range mage

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Malzahar is indeed a range mage. His auto attack has an average range for a mage however his abilities are not as a long range as other mages. When you are playing him in range be very careful as other mages will usually outrange you in auto attacks. This makes you particularly vulnerable that you can get harassed by them in lane so play safe until you get your ultimate when you can straight up all in them. His abilities are also not as long range as other mages, he’s very similar to Annie with the exception of his Q which has a decent range which allows you to poke from a distance without getting any punishment from the laner. Since it’s low in cooldown and has such a long range you can stop laners from going back I do that all the time.

What does Malzahar E do

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Malzahar’s E is malefic visions is his bread and butter. Basically he infects the enemies causing them to get prolonged damage. The thing to know about this ability is that it passes to another minion/jungle monster/enemy if it kills him. So you would likely want to combine this with his w or q to ensure to moves from one to another without having to recast it. This synergizes well with the abilities passive which refunds mana if the minion/enemy/jungle monster dies. So always use your auto-attacks and abilities to keep this going. One thing to note is that if you want your enemy jungler to gank the malefic visions will naturally push the lane and you will not be able to let him do a proper gank so instead of using it in lane minions use it on your enemy. Do not do this before the gank as it’s giving it out to the enemy laner since you are no switching from pushing the waves to harassing him, instead wait for him to gank and then unleash your combo.

How do you counter Malzahar

I have written an entire article on how to counter Malzahar which you could find here in detail.

5 League of Legends champions who counter Malzahar

Is Malzahar good lol

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Malzahar is one of those champions that is good in the hands of a player that understand macro play. Notice I say macro and not micro as Malzahar’s abilities are mainly point and click and let you act upon them without having to worry about animation cancelling, landing your abilities (excluding q) or sometimes even the order you use them. If on the other hand you are a new player it’s very easily to die with Malzahar without having time to do anything as he’s a very immobile champion with very few escape routes (other than his flash). So positioning is important if you want to do well with him. Itemization is pretty much standard try to build the tanky version of him if you fall behind or go more aggressive if you are ahead. I have written an article on Malzahar’s itemization and builds which you can find below.

How to carry as Malzahar

Can I cleanse Malzahars Ult

Similar to Yasuo’s windwall you cannot cleanse Malzahars ult ability. The reason for this is that cleanse is used to remove most crowd controls and summoner spell debuffs. Since Malzahar’s ult is a supression it doesn’t fall in any of the two categories listed previously. So taking cleanse against Malzahar is not a wise choise, depending on what kind of mid laner you are playing it’s better to take exhaust or ignite to have higher kill potential against him on the 1v1.

Why does cleanse not work on Malzahar Ult

As mentioned above the reason that cleanse does not work on Malzahar Ult is because it’s a supression ability and cleanse works on debuffs and some crowd control abilities.

Can you Mikaels Malzahar Ult

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This item has been removed from lol and has been replaced with Mikael’s blessing which is slightly different. The new version along with the old version just worked on crowd control abilities and does not work on Malzahars ult since it’s a suppression ability as I described previously in the cleanse section. Generally it’s a good item to have as a support but I do not recommend buying it for Malzahar as it will not do much for you.

Does Quicksilver Sash remove Malzahar

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Yes Quicksilver Sash will remove Malzahar’s ultimate and it’s a good way to counter him in lane. If you are an aggressive laner like Yasuo/Talon which relies on AD damage then getting QSS is highly advised as it also gives you some magic resistance when completed and effectively lets you kill him without any easy counter. The catch is that if you are a mage then it does not synergize well in your kit and you are better off not buying the item and focusing on positioning better or if you feel threatened you can get a banshee veil. I have seen many Malzahar’s try to ult someone with a Banshee veil.

How to beat Malzahar as Yasuo

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Malzahar is a very hard counter to Yasuo for the most part. If you are a new Yasuo player I highly recommend you do not pick Yasuo into Malzahar as you will have a hard time in the game. Having said that if you pick Yasuo and the enemy counterpicks you with Malzahar then there’s some things you can do to beat him. I’m a low Plat Malzahar player and I can tell you that I have easily been able to beat Yasuo Mains that are in Diamond elo. The reason for this is that even at Diamond Elo Yasuo players make a lot of mistakes in this matchup. So I’m going to break down and give you a list of things to do and not to do against him. I was tempted to leave this section out for a separate article but I believe since this is a very popular match up I couldn’t leave it outside the Malzahar Questions and Answers.

Can Yasuo block Malzahar Ult

Yasuo’s ultimate cannot block Malzahar’s ult ability. Yasuo’s windwall (w) is known to block projectiles however Malzahar’s ultimate is a supression beam and not a projectile. It’s easy to confuse the two but the core difference is that the projectile is defined as something that travels over the air and is not continuous. In this case the beam appears to come out of Malzahar’s head area so it does not fall in the category of things that can be blocked. A good alternative is getting quicksilver sash (QSS) which we will talk about below.

How to Build Yasuo versus Malzahar

Your early build should be fairly simple rush your quicksilver shash (qss) item if you can on your first back. Until then you need to play very aggressively against Malzahar before he reaches level 6 the game is pretty much balanced. The reason for this is that Yasuo can harass and trade and then heal back up, especially if you get in your runes healing. One rune I recommend getting is fleet work instead of conqueror as you can easily heal up the damage you take.

After that you will need a lifeline item such as Malzahar Questions and Answers (8) immortal shieldbow or Malzahar Questions and Answers (9)hexdrinker which also gives you some magic resistance besides the lifeline passive. The survivability of the passive is very important versus Malzahar especially if you want to survive his all in combo and still have a chance to kill him.

How to position and kill Malzahar as Yasuo

As I briefly mentioned earlier it’s important to play the poke and heal game versus Malzahar. Your sustain is much better than him and he will eventually run out of Mana if he decides to trade back and poke you. It’s very important to only engage if your shield is up as this absorbs the first portion of the trade and lets you poke with not much punishment. If you are good at lane control and your minions use your typical combo, empower your q and e right into him auto attack and then use your windwall and if the ult is up, ult him without hesitation even if you don’t kill him. Forcing Malzahar back is very important in this lane because you need to take the small wins as this matchup is greatly favored for him. If you manage to create a minion lead or get a gank then you need to be playing even more aggressive and trading with him at no cost do not let Malzahar free farm and get items as then it’s going to be very difficult to kill him. Even though you scale better than him he will still be able to counter you once he has Zhonya’s hourglass and other items.

Can you animation cancel Malzahars Ult

You cannot do any animation cancelling in Malzahars ult ability. However you can trick the enemy to think that you are about to ult him. The way you do this is that you move in an aggressive way towards him and get as close as possible. The only time a Malzahar would want to do this in a game is if they are lagging or if they want to ult an enemy. The reason of this is that the ultimate Ability is a very close range one and in order to do this you need to walk up close. This trick has worked for me many times and it’s always unexpected and usually they would flash or use their gap closer ability to escape from me. Another important thing to note here is that you can actually cancel the ult and not use the entire duration. The reasons you may want to do this are listed below.

  • You have enough damage to kill the enemy with a quick e at the end (only do this if you are confident)
  • There’s a gank coming and you need to interrupt to avoid dying (especially if you don’t think you can get at least one kill)
  • You are in the middle of a team fight and you want to use Zhonya’s hourglass to survive
  • The enemy is pretty much dead anyway and you want to use the rest of your abilities fast on someone else in a team fight


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My personal fun thing is when the enemy picks cleanse and doesn’t know that it does not work against my ult.

If you have any questions, comments please post them below I check periodically and try to answer them in the priority they come in.
Also if you have any corrections please do let me know and I’ll update the article with new updates or mistakes I did.

Which is your favorite niche detail about Malzahar?

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