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TOP WARS: BATTLE GAME is an Android game with early access from Topwar Studio. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


Review of Guides and game Secrets (1)

  1. Overview of Base Buildings
  2. Hero Leveling Tips
  3. World Map Overview
  4. Attack on monsters.
  5. Resource Gathering Tips
  6. Alliance Guide
  7. Game Interface Overview
  8. Stock Review

Top War Battle Game: Overview of Base Buildings

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Each building in the game performs a specific function. For harmonious development, it is recommended to build them as needed. But, in the end, you should have all the game buildings on the base (the decor is at your discretion).

The bank is not the most important building, but it should be built faster, because every day in it you will receive a chest with resources for free. Also, the bank can make the purchase of precious stones for real money.

Repair plant - equipment is being repaired here after hikes and attacks on the base. But you can only fix those units that fit into your cells in the plant. New places for technology can be discovered by studying the corresponding science. The rest of the surviving technique drops in level.

The lobby of the war - here at a certain level of the account and the building itself, a defense detachment is set up. More Navy should be defended, since ships are practically not used in campaigns, but they have good defensive power. It is also recommended to defend the base of commanders who will strengthen the defensive troops.

Auto harvester - it is recommended to deliver it immediately, as it becomes available. The fact is that resources are not automatically collected from buildings, so the player himself needs to collect the currency manually. At the start of the game, the warehouses of industrial buildings are very small, so when you are away for a long time, you lose a lot of resources. The magnet, if charged, will collect revenue for you within 4 hours. The harvester is charged for another 8 hours with the help of Facebook comrades who play in Top War Battle.

To find like-minded people on Facebook, you must register in the official group "Top War Battle Game". Here you can write under the first 3-4 posts that you are looking for friends to help each other in the game together (you can translate this text into English). After that, carefully look at active people who often comment on game events. They can also send an invitation.

Tax Center - each dwelling gives the player gold and a booty bonus. As his level increases, the collection bonus increases. It is recommended to constantly keep the bonus percentage at 100%. This can be done by improving homes, as well as by increasing their number. For example, you have account level 46. In order for the tax to have a 100% bonus, you will need to have level 46 on the territory of 20 residential buildings. You can build 40 houses of level 45 - the effect will be the same.

Amplification plant - various amplifications are made here for the army. You can charge production for 8 hours. Likelihood of gaining power and resources:

  1. Ore fragment - 32.82%.
  2. Mineral slag - 59.08%.
  3. Ore - 0.78%.
  4. Gain Chest (Level 2) - 0.07%.
  5. Gain Chest (Level 1) - 0.33%.
  6. Strengthening weapons - 0.20%.
  7. Critical strike boost - 0.20%.
  8. The best mobility is 0.20%.
  9. Fast shooting - 0.20%.
  10. Critical Damage - 0.20%.
  11. Resistance - 0.20%.
  12. Accuracy - 0.20%.
  13. Damage reduction - 0.20%.
  14. Green book of experience - 0.33%.
  15. Fast training (5 minutes) - 0.66%.
  16. Quick repair - 0.66%.
  17. White paper experience - 3.27%.

Housing - gives the player gold.

Military buildings:

  • Barracks - ground troops (ST) are produced (trained) here.
  • Navy - ships are manufactured (trained).
  • Air Force - produced (trained) aircraft.
  • Depot - a building for the synthesis of CB.
  • Dock - a building for the synthesis of the Navy.
  • Airfield - a building for the synthesis of aircraft.

City wall - necessary to preserve your gold, part of which can be taken away during an attack. The higher the wall level, the more gold can be hidden from the robbers.

Shopping center - once a day you can receive gifts. Here you can buy decor for the base, make it prettier.

A mysterious island is a place for completing tasks from the List of Functions. Available from a specific account level. Adventures are updated every 48 hours. At the same time, all achievements and awards are reset. The island, if you click on it, is a few small islands. On each island, an enemy army awaits you. When you select 1 island to attack, the other two islands on the line disappear. After winning, you are given a choice of 2 stories to attack. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing an island to attack.

The player goes through all the islands, while the health reserve between the stages is not replenished, but there are 3 attempts to resurrect the troops. The rewards that the player will receive at each stage of the passage can be exchanged for the necessary items in the island store. All attributes that the player’s army on the island receives are available only on the island. After passing, they are not saved.

Engineering building

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This is a very important building in the game, since all the basic technology research is carried out here. Sciences are being studied to raise the level of troops, military equipment, buildings, and some actions in the game. Without these technologies, it is impossible to develop your base.

Technologies are explored in the Development tab. Often, before studying it is required to fulfill certain conditions, which are indicated in the description of the necessary science. For example, you need to study another technology to a certain level or raise (build) a building. Only by fulfilling all the requirements, you can discover the necessary science.

Science is being researched for gold and a certain amount of special resources. Each science has its own recipe for selecting ingredients for study. By clicking on a component, you can see information about where it can be obtained. Basically, fragments fall from monsters on the world map. Each type of monster has different materials hidden.

The more gold you spend on learning technology, the more player experience you get. Red dots over the sciences indicate that you can research this knowledge at the moment.

Science in the Development tab

The name of the technology.Description.
Quick learning.Significantly increases the speed of training of all military branches.
Synthesis of CB.Improving the technology makes it possible to synthesize SV units of a certain level. The level depends on the level of science. For example, knowledge is at level 18; accordingly, troops can be synthesized only up to level 18.
Navy synthesis.Improving the technology makes it possible to synthesize Navy units of a certain level. The level depends on the level of science.
Air Force synthesis.Improving the technology makes it possible to synthesize Air Force units of a certain level. The level depends on the level of science.
Synthesis of dwellings.Increasing science provides a synthesis of residential buildings to a certain level.
The synthesis of the barracks.Enhancing science gives the synthesis of barracks to a certain level.
The synthesis of the base of the Navy.Enhancing science provides a synthesis of the Navy base to a certain level.
Synthesis of the air force base.Increasing science provides a synthesis of the Air Force base to a certain level.
Home.Raising the level allows you to build houses of a certain level. For example, you are building several buildings of level 1, in order to raise to level 11, you need to do several times the union of buildings. But if this science is studied, then it will be possible to build houses from level 11 (without preliminary manipulations).
Barracks.Raising the level allows you to build barracks of a certain level. In this case, you can pump troops to this level.
Base of the Navy.Increasing the level allows you to build a base of the Navy of a certain level.
Air Force Base.Raising the level allows you to build an air force base of a certain level.
Additional combat formation.When studying technology, you can take on a campaign more troops per 1 slot.
Mayhem.With each level of science, the attack power of armies increases by a certain percentage.
Repair shop.With each level of technology, 1 cell at the Repair Plant becomes available.
Combat readinessWith each level, the combat effectiveness of the troops increases.

The "Parts" tab - becomes available to the player after his account reaches level 10. Each kind of troops initially has 2 gain vectors. To increase these abilities, it is necessary to use special materials (the components are given in the description of the ability). After the player’s account reaches level 20, you can use the option - parts reinforcement. When the account reaches level 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40, 1 more cell will be opened for each type of troops, which will give more bonuses for attacks and defense.

It’s best to pick up the abilities your units need right now. If NE is often used in attacks, then you should put in the cells an increase in attack, defense, and accuracy.

Secrets of building a base

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Synthesis of buildings. You can combine buildings on the map itself. To do this, it is recommended to place buildings of the same type side by side, so that synthesis is easier. Then you need to select one of the buildings, and drag to another. Thus, it is possible to merge several buildings. In a similar way to synthesize tanks, ships, planes.

It is better to build buildings for the merger in a multiple of 2 (2, 4, 8, 10, 12, and so on). And then combine them together. Buildings are recommended to be grouped so that they are conveniently located on a map.

Capture of lands (zones). Over time, you will not have enough territory given to you base, so at some point in the game, it should be expanded. A place for new buildings can be bought for gold. The first few zones are inexpensive, but the more you expand the territory, the more expensive it becomes.

After you have acquired land for your development, you need to clear it of enemies and plantings (sometimes stones). To do this, click on the new section, after which a small map with several opponents will appear. If all of them are defeated, the zone will become available for use. But until you defeat the enemy, you cannot build on this piece of land.

It is not always possible to defeat the enemy, as sometimes he comes across powerful armies. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar problem, you should pump your troops and attack your rivals again. The territory will not go anywhere, and the enemies will be waiting for you on the map.

Top War Battle Game: Hero Leveling Tips

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There are heroes in the game who go into battle and collect resources together with your troops. Heroes should be pumped along with your army, as they give certain bonuses. You can summon a character in the draft board. There are 2 tabs for calling commanders.

Tab "Normal call" - there are 2 types of hiring fighters - regular and elite. In regular hiring, you can summon heroes 5 times a day. In the elite free, you can hire a warrior 1 time per day. But if you use special coupons, then the possibility of hiring increases several times. With every elite hiring, you get a box of ammunition with a chance of 1 orange hero.

Chance of getting a hero from regular hiring:

  1. Blue heroes - 4.40%.
  2. Purple heroes - 1.10%.
  3. Fragments of blue heroes - 37.80%.
  4. Fragments of purple heroes - 9.30%.
  5. Fast training (5 minutes) - 4.10%.
  6. Fast training (1 hour) - 1.10%.
  7. Green book of experience - 12.40%.
  8. The blue book of experience - 8.30%.
  9. Amplification chest (1 level) - 4.10%.
  10. Reinforcement chest (2 levels) - 1.00%.
  11. Technological chest - 8, 20%.
  12. The base chest of power - ups is 8.20%.

The probability of getting a hero from an elite hiring:

  1. Purple heroes - 4.40%.
  2. Orange heroes - 1.00%.
  3. Fragments of purple heroes - 27.20%.
  4. Fragments of orange heroes - 8.00%.
  5. Technology Chest - 9.90%.
  6. Base jewelry chest - 9.90%.
  7. Fast training (1 hour) - 6.60%.
  8. The blue book of experience is 13.20%.
  9. Purple book of experience - 13.20%.
  10. Amplification chest (2 levels) - 5.50%.
  11. Amplification chest (3 levels) - 1.10%.

Elite recruitment tab - here you can choose what kind of troops your character will belong to. The call is made for special coupons. You can try to summon a fighter up to 50 times a day.

"Skill Research" tab - here studies are performed that give heroes skill crystals and fragments of commander’s skills. If you do 10 studies, then guaranteed to get all the skills of the character. There are 5 free attempts per day, there are 10 learning attempts for "skill books". You can learn skills up to 2000 times for a fee.

Heroes are divided into 3 types:

  1. Blue - have the weakest combat characteristics, but when pumping can benefit the player. Have an SR rank.
  2. Violet - have average performance combat parameters, They are more difficult to get than blue heroes. Have an SR rank.
  3. Orange is the strongest heroes with high characteristics. It is most difficult to collect and pump them. They have the rank of SSR.

Hero leveling

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A character can be obtained by collecting all its fragments, then activate it through the heroes menu. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the level of characters with the help of special experience cards - treatises of the general. At the same time, its combat parameters are increased:

  1. War - increases the attack of troops that are under the command of a character and a defensive army. The higher this characteristic, the stronger the detachment.
  2. Defense - increases health points of troops under the command of the hero.
  3. Leadership - increases the size of the army. That is, how many units will enter the character’s squad.

Stars - this is the main way to increase the basic parameters of the hero. Stars increase for fragments of the hero, which can be obtained at the Military Commissariat, from chests and in rewards. If you do not have enough fragments for a specific fighter, then it is recommended to use universal fragments. In the menu of each commander there is a button "Source", which shows where you can get fragments of a fighter.

Skills - they become available at certain levels. First, they must be unlocked, and then upgraded using skill books or at the Military Commissariat. Each warrior has his own unique skills. Skills give a bonus to the combat arms, speed up the collection, speed up research, repair, attack on bosses (monsters) and much more. The heroes also give a bonus to the parameters of the base. This must be taken into account when you organize a camp defense.

It is recommended that officers be selected to the squad on the basis of necessity. For example, if you are going to collect gold, you should take heroes who speed up the collection and increase the extraction of gold. You can take a hero who increases the number of troops so that you can collect more resources. If you go to the monster, then take the commanders who strengthen the attack on the monsters, increase health points or the size of the squad.

Heroes are distributed not only by quality, but also by type of service:

  1. SV - commanders of the ground forces.
  2. Navy - commanders of the navy.
  3. Air Force - Air Force Commanders.
All officers give a bonus to the characteristics of the type of troops to which they belong. Therefore, when appointing an army for a campaign or attack, one should choose those commanders which troops are in the detachment. For example, if you go to the boss with tanks and aircraft, then you can take officers from the SV and Air Force.

First of all, it should be understood that at the start of the game you will not be able to get an orange hero. They are difficult to assemble and pump, so it is advised first to focus on those warriors that you have.

Top War Battle Game: World Map Overview

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You can leave the base on the world map through the "World" button. It is located in the lower right corner of the main screen. You can go back to the camp by clicking on the "Base" button, which appears instead of "Peace".

A world map is a visual display of your server, with various objects located on it. Your house will be highlighted in a slightly different color than other buildings. Here you can see many foreign bases. These are the accounts of other server players. They can be attacked if they are not protected by a shield. Usually the shield is given for the first few hours of the game, then it can be bought for diamonds in the store.

You can also "Explore" the neighbors - it is better to use this option first, since you can run into a strong opponent. If the opponent is strong, but you really want to attack him, then you can use the "Retraction" function (for more details, see the Alliance section). In this case, members of your union will come to your aid. Together you can defeat the enemy. In the event of a successful attack, you will receive part of the unprotected gold, which will be divided between the participants in the attack.

But we do not recommend attacking other gamers often, since this person can be a strong alliance. Conflict can lead to war between guilds. For this, the initiators of the mess are often kicked out of the union. Then it will be very difficult to find a good guild.

You can enlarge the map and view the entire region from a bird’s eye view. The main buildings of the region (Center and Launchers), the location of the players of your union, the place where your town is located will be clearly visible. The zones into which the district is divided are shown.

Main center

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Located in the middle of the map. Periodically, a battle occurs for him. It is called "Fight for the Center." This event is for alliance combat units. Each community can try their hand at the battle for World Government. The fight takes place in several stages and begins at 5:00 every Sunday.

  • Stage 1 - conducted from 5:00 to 6:00. The guild that holds the structure for 30 minutes is considered the winner.
  • Stage 2 - starts at 6:00 and ends at 6:30. In this segment of the war, the alliance that holds the building for 15 minutes will be the winner.
  • Stage 3 - held from 6:30 to 7:00. Here, to win, you need to hold out from the onslaught of the enemy in just 5 minutes.
  • Stage 4 - starts at 7:00. The alliance that takes control of the Center will be instantly declared the winner.

If during the countdown a transition to a new stage occurs, the time does not restart. A new stage will begin only when the winner is announced. During the war, 50% of participating units and injured will be lowered. The guild that has captured the Center will receive a substantial bonus. When the player’s army approaches the Center in peacetime, the battle will begin. The exception is the allies of the winner alliance.

The head of the victorious union receives the title of Head of State. The leader can appoint other gamers, strengthen the entire server, change the name of the region and the Constitution. As soon as the player receives the rank, then you can reassign the minister only after 24 hours. In accordance with the number of opponents killed, all participants in the event will receive rewards.

In a similar way, the battles for the Launch Towers take place.

Territories of alliances. On the map you can often find the lands of different guilds. Clans merge into one hive on their territory. This gives all guild members who set up bases within the territory, a development bonus and additional protection against attacks. It is also more convenient to make joint sorties from one place, it can be seen if an opponent is fighting against a friend. Players, seeing the territory of a strong alliance, will not attack him, as this is fraught with serious consequences (the whole alliance will then not allow the reckless gamer to live in peace, constantly attacking his camp).

We recommend that you try to find a strong active guild at the very start, and move to its land. If your union does not develop, then do not get hung up on it, it is better to find worthy allies.

How to transfer the base? To move the base anywhere on the map, click on the desired point. After that, the "Move Database" button will appear. There are special items for teleportation. There is also a clan teleport. When the guild chooses a place to install its main building, and when it is built, the head of the alliance sends out to all participants proposals for moving to a new place. After receiving the invitation, you can use it.

When you go to the world map, the "Rating" button appears. Here you can see the TOP players of the server, and the best alliances. This is important for understanding what you should strive for in the game. If you have a low rating and low Combat Power, then you probably will not be accepted into a good guild. Therefore, you should strive for the best, do not be afraid to change alliances. If you have outgrown the current alliance, then you can leave it, and, having looked at the empty seats in the best teams, apply there.

Top War Battle Game: Attack on monsters.

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All monsters are located on the world map. To search for the necessary enemy, it is recommended to use the "Search". To do this, click on the corresponding button, and then a menu appears in which there are 3 types of enemy:

  1. Mercenaries - certain resources that are necessary for research, gold are dropped from them (land and water objects are given, as well as general things)
  2. Seizure of power - on the map it looks like a ship stuck in the sand with its nose. Certain components for technologies also fall from it (objects drop out to improve the level of merging of buildings)
  3. Rebels - after defeating them, you can also get the ingredients for research (items for construction).

An attack on each ordinary monster costs 5 Strength points. The power of 3 types of enemies is the same if they have the same level.

If during the offensive you build an attacking team, and the inscription appears on the screen: "The superiority of the enemy is obvious," then it is better not to go into battle against this enemy. Because you will either lose or lose a lot of troops. In any case, such a battle will not bring anything good. You can take 2 heroes into battle. It is better to put the coolest officers who give a bonus to attack, accuracy, health points to units.

For battle, you can save the system. In order not to constantly click on the screen, placing troops on the field, it is advised to go to the "War Lobby" and select the "Build" tab. Here you can "save" or "change" the construction.

The amount of the reward depends on the level of the opponent. For example, if the enemy is level 20, then they will give 20 materials for research, if level 15 - 15 units of resources.

Opponents that are given during certain game events are sometimes displayed on the map. They can also organize a group attack.

Top War Battle Game: Resource Gathering Tips

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There are several objects on the world map that bring resources:

  1. Gold mine - gives the player gold.
  2. Oil well - gives the player oil.
  3. Farm - here you can collect food.

At the start, you will constantly miss the gold. Therefore, it is advised to occupy as many mines as possible.

Resource extraction is very long. It is better to send troops to the collection when you are away from the game for a long time. For example, before going to bed, before going to work or school. When you log in again, you will have a large amount of resources.

In addition to the main materials mined, you get more components for research. The time of collection and the amount of resources collected will depend on the number of troops sent to gather. You can put 2 heroes on a campaign, which will give an increase to the speed of collection, to the capacity of troops, or to the amount of collection.

During mining, your troops may attack. But this rarely happens, since there are many resource points on the map.

Only 1 trip is available at the start. You can open another 1 or buy a premium. By clicking on the campaign button, you can see which troops and heroes are currently occupied. You can also recall the army from the campaign. After the troops return home, you will receive a report on the collection or attack. Campaigns can be accelerated with special items - boosters.

You can quickly find the right place in the region using a mini-map. It displays almost all the objects in the region.

Top War Battle Game: Alliance Guide

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It is very important in this game to consist in a strong and active guild, as there are important functions that are implemented only by a team of like-minded people.

If you are in the TOP alliance, you will quickly pump the base, significantly advance in the game, and it will simply be interesting for you to play. If the guild is weak, you will not reach great heights.

There are several useful options in the alliance menu, each of which we recommend carefully studying and using all available options.


Review of Guides and game Secrets (12)

When you select a strong boss or player on the world map, you can call on the members of your alliance for help. Click on the object, then on the "Pinch" button. Your request will be displayed in the tab of the union "War". All members of the alliance will see a call to battle, and by clicking on the appropriate button, they will send their troops to your base. After you have selected "retraction", you need to set the time for collecting the guilds. It can be from 3 minutes to 4 hours.

We recommend setting a collection time of 5 to 10 minutes, because during the campaign the allies will not be able to defend their base, go on the offensive, or collect resources on the map. The most optimal time is 5 minutes.

The battle takes place automatically. After the comrades in arms send troops to you, they, after the timer expires, will independently (without your participation) go to the boss. You too can accept a call for help and send an army to the base to an ally.

Prizes are divided automatically, their number depends on the damage your boss has done to the boss. If you attack the opponent during any action, you will add points and rating. After completing the conditions of the event, you will receive additional prizes.

We recommend that you go into the Alliance’s "War" more often and help your comrades. The more often you help them in battles, the more the guilds will help you.


Review of Guides and game Secrets (13)

A very important section in the alliance. Here, for gold, certain technologies can be improved that will help all members of the union to develop. Players receive rewards for every contribution to technology.

Development Tab

Alliance SizeThe limit of guild members is increased. The more like-minded you are, the more you will participate in attacks on the boss, the more often you will earn prizes.
Thrift.When all members of the union learn their technology, gold consumption will decrease.
Wealth.Each guild member will produce more gold by a certain percentage. The higher this technology, the higher the percentage of production.
Expanding the boundaries.Allows the use of multiple territories.
Fiery power.Enhances the attack of alliance members inside the bastion, that is, on the territory of the union. This applies to those people who set up a base near the guild command center.
Home protection.Adds health points to alliance members inside the bastion.
Active collection.Increases cargo collection (capacity) for guild members inside the bastion. Troops will bring more resources.
Quick fight.Accelerates battles with monsters on the map.

War Tab

Quick call.When all members of the alliance call up combat units, the call time is reduced.
Health PointsDuring battles with other gamers, the health points of SV guild members increase.
AT attack.During battles with other players, the attack of the troops of the alliance members increases.
Quick repair.When all guild members repair equipment, the repair speed increases.
Navy Health Points.During the battle with other gamers, the health points of the Navy of the guild members increase.
Navy attack.During battles with other players, the attack of the Navy of the troops of the alliance members increases.
The pulling together of troops.When an alliance pulls together armies, the maximum number of military units rises.
Air Force Health Points.During the battle with other gamers, the Air Force health points of the guild members increase.
Air force attack.During battles with other players, the attack of the air force of the alliance members increases.
Elite reinforcements.When allies provide support, the reinforcements limit is increased.

Help - here you can leave messages about the request to help gold for development. As soon as the allies see your request, they will be whoever wants it, you will be given gold. For each support provided, guild members will receive rewards (alliance points that can be exchanged at the store for necessary items). The number of requests depends on your level. To get more help, you should contact allies below you in level.

Gift - gifts are distributed to all members of the alliance, and depends on the number of bosses killed.

Summary - This is a list of the activities that guild members have performed recently.

Shop - here you can buy necessary items for alliance points. A limited number of purchases can be made per day. The store is periodically updated. The timer to the update is shown in the upper right corner of the window. After zeroing, you will again have the opportunity to purchase.

Chat - here you can chat with members of the guild, ask for advice, or write that you are going to attack bosses at such a time.

Rating - this is the rating of the alliance for the combat power of its members. There is a "Deposit Rating" and "Damage Rating".

Ownership - Alliance members with the appropriate rights can build or remove guild buildings. To build the Alliance Bastion, you must fulfill the necessary conditions. All allies can contribute to speed up the construction process. The bastion affects the territory of the guild. If the lands of the unions overlap, then the priority of the alliance, which first occupied the territory.

List of applications - when the alliance is closed, the applicants leave applications for joining the guild. All applications are displayed in this section. Then the head of the guild (or his deputies) will consider the application and choose a suitable player.

Settings - leave information here, send any player an invitation to join the alliance, see the guild rights, you can leave the union. If the head of the alliance does not appear for more than 15 days, then you can shift it by clicking on the "Move chapter" button. The applicant for the bias will automatically become the head of the union.

Top War Battle Game: Game Interface Overview

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Player profile - located in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you can change the username, city, gender, change the picture of the avatar, see your current server, your level and the Combat Power of the camp. There is other necessary information. Here you can change the appearance of the database, how it will be displayed on the world map. Some skins can be bought for game currency, others for real money. You can change badges, change the appearance of troops on campaigns (the appearance of a moving army).

After playing for several days, and realizing that you really like the game, and you will develop, we recommend linking your account to your Google Play account. Thus, in an unexpected situation, your progress will continue, and you can restore the process of passing at any time.

Also in Settings, you can create a database on another server. This means that you can actually start the game again. This is recommended if you decide that you started the passage incorrectly, and it does not make sense to develop further. Or, for example, if you have not logged into the game for a long time, it is better to start over on a new server. This is relevant, because the other players who started at the same time as you went far ahead.

Account Level - placed next to the player’s avatar. The availability of technologies that you can learn depends on the level. Player experience can be obtained for:

  1. Learning technology - a lot of experience is given for these actions.
  2. Construction of buildings - gives an average amount of experience.
  3. Soldier training is the minimum percentage of experience.

VIP - located below the account level. VIP status can only be obtained by making real money in the game. VIP provides certain benefits that increase with each level.

Combat Power is a key indicator of the overall strength of your army. According to this characteristic, a general rating is maintained, players in TOP alliances are accepted, the enemy is calculated, and the possibility of attacking him. Combat Power can be seen next to the player’s avatar.

Currency. The upper right corner shows all the game currencies that you have. When entering the world map, Energy (Strength Points) will appear next to the base currencies, which will gradually recover on its own. The replenishment time of 1 unit of Strength is 6 minutes, therefore, 10 units are replenished per hour. Strength points can be purchased at the store for diamonds, or use a special "first aid kit". But it’s better to go into the game and make sure that the Energy does not burn out just like that. Strength Points only accumulate to a certain amount.

Shop - located in the upper right corner of the screen. It sells various sets and items for real money. Promotions are often held at great discounts. It is most profitable to buy a Development Fund. Having paid a certain amount of money once, you will constantly receive diamonds at every new level.

Mail - all system messages come here: about attacks, battle statistics, resource collection statistics, messages from the alliance and much more.

Backpack - all game items are stored here. The inventory is divided into several tabs:

  1. Special - bonuses, chests, first-aid kits and much more are collected here, which were not included in other sections. Chests should be opened immediately, since useful items drop out of them. You do not need to store them.
  2. Private - here you get an army as a reward for any event, which must be put on the map. If you do not do it in time, and hold the army in the backpack for too long, then it will lose its relevance after several levels. It is better to develop all armies evenly.
  3. Buildings - buildings can be combined directly in the inventory. At the bottom of the window there is a button "Synthesis". By clicking on it you can increase the level of the building if you collect 3 identical buildings. To do this, you must select one building and move the cursor over the same buildings. For example, you have 3 walls of the 1st level, so as not to put everything on the map, you can combine them into 1 building. After the operation, the wall rises to level 2, and get a total of all the characteristics of the combined buildings. To insert an object on the map, click on the "Apply" button.
  4. Hero - here are stored all the fragments that are necessary to improve the characters.
  5. Amplify - all amplifiers and accelerators for your base and army are stored here.
  6. The appearance of the city is the same as in the Settings menu, just through this button it is convenient to go to the section.

List of functions - specific tasks are given here. Some are connected with events, others with the buildings of your city:

  1. Warhammer Invasion - A link to the stock is given.
  2. Rescue of refugees is also a temporary event, this menu provides a link to the event.
  3. Bonus quests are additional quests for daily missions. It is recommended that you complete these tasks completely, as this will give you more gold. There is a task "Buy 5 times in the store", here it is worth making purchases gradually through the "Go" button in the task itself. But if you make 5 purchases at once, then the system will count them as 1. At the bottom there is a scale for completing tasks. Filling it, you will receive valuable prizes. To get the last chest, you need to complete 10 tasks.
  4. Amplification plant - tasks are given here that are carried out in this building.
  5. Tax Center - 5 free attempts are given for increased gold collection. It is better to use an attempt when the collection scale is full. In this case, you will receive 10 times more gold.
  6. Mysterious island - from here you are transferred to an island where you need to fight with a chain of opponents. Enemies are updated daily. You will receive a good reward for the test.

Tasks Menu

Review of Guides and game Secrets (15)

Here are the main tasks that can be performed gradually. There are bonus assignments that change daily. A link to the bonus assignments is in the section "List of functions", where we wrote about them in detail. The main tasks should be carried out as far as possible, as they give a good impetus to the development of your city. For instance:

  1. Synthesize advanced light tank (1 pc).
  2. Get level 20 1 housing.
  3. Get 20 level 1 Barracks.
  4. Open 14 territory.
  5. Synthesize 1 advanced infantry tank.
  6. Kill 21 level monsters on the world map.
  7. Get 1 level 21 home.
  8. Get 1 Level 21 Barracks.
  9. Synthesize 1 elite advanced tank.
  10. Kill monsters of level 22 on the map.
  11. Get 1 level 17 home.
  12. Get 1 Level 17 Barracks.
  13. Synthesize 1 tank M1A2.
  14. Get 1 level 18 home.
  15. Get 1 level 18 Barracks.
If you can’t complete the bonus task at the moment, you have 5 attempts daily to update it and choose the one that you can do. To do this, opposite the name of the quest there is a button "Refresh". After this action, a new mission will appear on the screen instead of the impossible.

There are Ranks in Tasks. The rank depends on the number of missions completed. The higher the Rank, the more difficult the quests are, but the reward for completing them is much better than at the lower Ranks.

Top War Battle Game: Stock Review

Review of Guides and game Secrets (16)

The game has a lot of stocks that will give the player the opportunity to better and faster pump their base. Stocks are temporary, periodic and permanent. At the start of the game you will be asked to complete a 7 day quest. In the event menu, this event is called "Hero’s Good." The essence of the quest is to enter the game every day during the first 7 days of the game. For the entrance, the gamer will receive good prizes that will be useful for raising the level of the camp and troops.

It is recommended that you enter the game daily and pick up trophies. Even if you do not plan to play that day, you can still go and collect prizes so as not to lose them.

Rookie training is another promotion for beginners. Here you need to complete certain tasks during the first 5 days, for which good prizes are also given. Every day, the corresponding tab opens, where for certain actions you get buns.

1 day

Tab nameThe task
Daily registration.You should replenish the account for any amount.
Receiving a prize for contribution.
Way to success.Get a level 5 player.
Get a level 8 player.
Get a level 10 player.
Get a level 12 player.
Get a level 18 player.
Get a level 25 player.
Get a level 30 player.
Hiring the elite.Get 2 purple heroes.
Summon the elite 1 time.
Summon the elite 10 times.
Summon the elite 30 times.
Get 1 golden hero.
Summon the elite 50 times.

2 day

Tab nameThe task
Daily registration.You should replenish the account for any amount.
Receiving a prize for admission.
Comrade in arms.Help ally 1 time.
Fight Warhammer 1 time.
Help ally 10 times.
Help ally 30 times.
Fight Warhammer 10 times.
Fight Warhammer 30 times.
Economic development.Shake the money tree 10 times.
Shake the money tree 20 times.
Shake the money tree 30 times.
Speed up technology learning 15 times.
Speed up technology learning 16 times.
Speed up technology learning 17 times.

3 day

Tab nameThe task
Daily registration.You should replenish the account for any amount.
Receiving a prize for admission.
Training commanders.Develop a hero to level 10.
Develop a hero to level 20.
Develop a hero to level 30.
Develop a hero to level 50.
Develop 1 hero to 5 stars.
Develop 2 heroes to 2 stars.
Training veterans.Spend 200 units of power.
Spend 400 units of power.
Spend 700 units of power.
Kill monsters 100 times.
Kill monsters 200 times.
Kill monsters 300 times.

4 day

Tab nameThe task
Daily registration.You should replenish the account for any amount.
Receiving a prize for admission.
Trading power.Buy 10 items of gain.
Buy 50 gain items.
Buy 5 items in the store.
Buy 10 items in the store.
Buy 20 items in the store.
Buy 30 items in the store.
Lord of the seas.Gather resources 5 times.
Gather resources 10 times.
Synthesize 2 level 14 Navy units.
Synthesize 4 units of the 17th Navy.
Synthesize 6 units of the Navy of the 19th level.
Synthesize 6 level 22 Navy units.

5 day

Tab nameThe task
Daily registration.You should replenish the account for any amount.
Receiving a prize for admission.
Comprehensive development.Develop a repair shop to level 5.
Get unlimited fire 1 level.
Contribute to alliance technology 20 times.
Contribute to alliance technology 100 times.
Develop a repair shop to level 10.
Get unlimited fire at level 5.
Dominance in the air.Synthesize 1 level 7 air force unit.
Synthesize 1 level 8 air force unit.
Synthesize 1 level 9 air force unit.
Synthesize 1 level 12 air force unit.
Synthesize 1 level 16 air force unit.
Increase the level of additional combat formation to 1.
But if you perform some action ahead of schedule, then do not despair. So you are developing faster than the developers expected, and that’s good. Although you do not receive a reward, you will have a strong base from the start.

Beginner’s luck is an action for those players who invest real money in the game. The more money you transfer, the better the prizes. In fact, the awards are very good, but even without them you can quickly develop and maximize your ranking.

Improvement of the hero - here it is necessary to improve certain characters to the required level, after which the players are given a prize.

We also wanted to give some examples of events that are held periodically. To get as many rewards as possible, you should complete all available tasks:

  1. Login Reward - Updated weekly. The promotion is available to all players. Prizes must be taken within 7 days. After the week ends, the timer will be updated and new prizes will be awarded.
  2. Warhammer’s invasion is the emergence of a powerful boss on the world map. A number of tasks on its destruction are given. For each victory you get event points. The event gives a reward for the rating and for the points received.
  3. The struggle for supplies - here you should open the cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For opening 3 attempts are given. Various amplifiers are hidden behind the cells. At the bottom of the window there is a button "Get Ammunition", here a series of tasks appears, for which you are given rewards.
  4. Rescue affected residents - distress signals are in chests with daily quests. It gives the coordinates of the refugees. It is necessary to arrive at the place and save the poor fellow. You will receive a good reward for the operation.
  5. Sky chest - for every request for help that you send to the guilds, you will receive a prize. In total, you can send a premium 6 calls for help. If you invite a friend to the game during the event, you will receive an additional reward.
To get as many prizes as possible, it is recommended to participate in all promotions. It is not necessary to deposit money into the game, it is possible with the help of events to develop quite harmoniously.

There are regular promotions for people who contribute money to the game. Such promotions give good discounts on sets or commanders. These events are located at the top of the main screen of the game.

It’s best to spend money on buying items, not diamonds. So it turns out much more profitable, especially since such actions are carried out constantly.

In the same menu there is a tab where you can get diamonds for viewing ads for free. You can watch videos up to 20 times a day. In one video you get 15 gems. The result is a decent amount that can be spent in promotions, where it is proposed to purchase items for diamonds.

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