NATO Summit back in DC; expect road closures and traffic delays (2024)

NATO celebrating 75th anniversary in DC next week

Residents, commuters, and those visiting D.C. next week are urged to be aware of traffic and delays due to the 2024 NATO Summit. FOX 5's Lili Zheng has all the latest details.

WASHINGTON - Residents, commuters, and those visiting D.C. next week are urged to be aware of traffic and delays due to the 2024 NATO Summit.

When does the 2024 NATO Summit start?

The U.S. will be hosting the summit from July 9 through July 11, with meetings chaired by the NATO Secretary General taking place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

NATO – or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - is a political and military alliance of 32 countries from Europe and North America, and the upcoming summit in D.C. will mark its 75th year.

On Monday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was joined by the Metropolitan Police Department, the U.S. Service, the FBI, and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority to discuss the traffic plan and security measures that will be in place.

"Of course, we have a lot of experience hosting large-scale security events in the District. We are here to ensure this week is a safe and smooth experience for the 37 world leaders who will be here," Mayor Bowser said, adding the general community needs to plan ahead.

The areas that will be the heaviest impacted will be the Washington Convention Center, Carnegie Library, Mount Vernon Square, Mellon Auditorium, and around the White House Complex.

Residences and businesses inside the affected areas will generally be accessible, according to D.C. leaders. However, cars and pedestrians may be required to undergo security screening prior to entering. Members of the community are encouraged to plan accordingly and expect delays throughout the week.

Robert Lawrence works at the Convention Center but commutes from Maryland for work.

"It means I have to get up almost two hours early. Yeah, for the traffic that’s going to occur from the roads being closed off," Lawrence told FOX 5.

Similarly, Joycelyne Hammond Ebson works for the Conrad Hotel in D.C. on the housekeeping staff but lives in Laurel, Maryland. Hammond Ebson said she would typically drive or take the metro to get to work and is already thinking about the best routes for next week.

"I might have to leave the house early, so that I can make it to work," she said. "It’s going to be hectic, but I’ll still be there for work."

What streets will be affected by the 2024 NATO Summit?

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Though the summit starts next Tuesday, July 9, temporary road and sidewalk closures will be in effect intermittently beginning July 8 as temporary security measures, including anti-scale fencing, are installed.

Official closures will begin July 10 and run through approximately July 11 in the area around the Washington Convention Center, Carnegie Library, and Mount Vernon Square.

Official closures around the Mellon Auditorium will be in place in the morning of July 9 and will conclude late that evening. Enhanced security measures, including intermittent street closures, around the White House complex will occur in the afternoon and evening of July 10.

Secured areas for the event are divided into a Vehicle Screening Perimeter shaded in blue on the public security map released Monday, while the Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter is shaded in red.

What the perimeters mean, per D.C. officials:

Vehicle Screening Perimeter: Residences and businesses inside the Vehicle Screening Perimeter will be accessible to the public. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to freely enter the Vehicle Screening Perimeter from any area. Vehicles will be permitted to enter the Vehicle Screening Perimeter, though they must enter through a vehicle screening point, which are marked as black circles on the map. Rideshare/taxi drop-off and hot food delivery will be permitted in the Vehicle Screening Perimeter; drivers will just need to enter through a vehicle screening point.

Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter: The Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter will be accessible only to credentialed individuals, such as Summit attendees or staff. Pedestrians must enter through one of the pedestrian checkpoints. Personal vehicles, as well as bicycles and small scooters, will not be permitted to enter the Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter. Rideshare/taxi drop-off and hot food delivery will not be permitted in the Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter.

According to the FBI Washington Field Office, there are no known threats to the event at this point.

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NATO Summit back in DC; expect road closures and traffic delays (2024)


Where is the NATO summit in 2024? ›

President Biden is looking forward to hosting the leaders of our 31 NATO Allies, as well as a number of our NATO partners, next week in Washington for a historic summit to mark the 75th anniversary of NATO's founding.

How often does NATO meet? ›

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) is the principal political decision-making body at NATO. Each member country has a seat at the NAC. It meets at least once a week or whenever the need arises, at different levels. It is chaired by the Secretary General, who helps members reach agreement on key issues.

Which city will host NATO summit? ›

From 24 to 26 June 2025 the Netherlands will host the NATO Summit in the World Forum in The Hague. At the previous summit, in Vilnius (Lithuania), our allies asked the Netherlands to organise the 2025 summit. This is the first time since NATO's founding in 1949 that the Netherlands is hosting a NATO Summit.

When and where is next NATO summit? ›

NATO - Opinion: Pre-summit press conference by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the NATO Summit in Washington, 05-Jul.-2024.

What happens at NATO summits? ›

Typically, the decisions taken at a summit meeting are issued in declarations and communiqués. These are public documents that explain the Alliance's decisions and reaffirm Allies' support for NATO policies. The summit declarations and communiqués are linked below for each NATO summit.

Who all is in NATO in 2024? ›

NATO further expanded after the Cold War, adding the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland (1999); Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); North Macedonia (2020); Finland (2023); and Sweden (2024).

What does NATO mean? ›

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and several Western European nations to provide collective security against the Soviet Union.

Which country was last admitted to NATO? ›

Sweden became NATO's newest member on Thursday (7 March 2024), upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the Government of the United States in Washington DC. With Sweden's accession, NATO now counts 32 countries among its members.

Where is NATO forces located? ›

NATO's main headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium, while NATO's military headquarters are near Mons, Belgium. The alliance has increased its NATO Response Force deployments in Eastern Europe, and the combined militaries of all NATO members include around 3.5 million soldiers and personnel.

What is the most recent NATO mission? ›

In 2018, NATO initiated a non-combat advisory and capacity-building mission in Iraq, which aims to help strengthen Iraqi security institutions and forces so that they themselves can prevent the return of ISIS, fight terrorism and stabilise their country.

Where was the NATO summit 2014? ›

Wales, United Kingdom

The Alliance's 28 leaders agreed at their Wales Summit on Friday (5 September 2014) to reverse the trend of declining defence budgets and raise them over the coming decade, a move that will further strengthen the transatlantic bond.

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